Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please ensure you read the below the house rules for having your party at Lisburn Bowl. Failure to adhere to the house rules will result in the cancellation of your booking.

  • Failure to pay your deposit when booking will result in your party being cancelled and the time slot released for rebooking.
  • You must arrive on time for your party. Late arrivals will result in you and the children in your company forfeiting your allocated time for activity. All party rooms and lanes are subject to booking schedules and Lisburn Bowl will not run parties later than booked in the event of you being late arriving. (please note the car park can get very busy during peak times).
  • Please register at reception as soon as you arrive. Drop off your cake and candles with the receptionist. He/she will then appoint your party host to you at the appropriate time
  • All balances due must be paid at reception when the children sit down for their food during the party. You will be charged full price for all children attending regardless of if they eat or not. The number you book/confirm/show up with, is the number charged for. Minimum numbers on all parties is 10 children, this must be paid for regardless of less numbers arriving.
  • It is the parents and guardians responsibility to accompany any child in their party to the toilets. The party host will not enter toilets with children.
  • If you are allocated a room to dine in it must be vacated 15 minutes before the hour to allow staff clean and reset in the event of another booking being due in straight after you.
  • Any dietary requirements for children attending MUST be clarified when booking.
  • Late arrivals to your party will be accommodated, BUT please ensure you inform your party host of their arrival so that they can add these children’s menus orders to the existing order. Failure to check in late arrivals with your host may result in the child waiting longer for their meal.